Demineralisation Plant

Demineralization Water Treatment Plant Solutions

H2O Ion Exchange is leading Demineralization Water Treatment Plant Manufacturer that provides best demineralization water treatment solutions as per unique industrial or residential requirements. At H2O Ion Exchange we are committed to offer a customized, innovative and easy to maintain demineralization water treatment system that helps in recycling water for industrial, residential or agricultural purposes.

We have dedicated team of expert demineralization water treatment specialist, expert engineers and industry specialists who can help you set up and install demoralization water treatment plant at the site and ensure safety of water, making it fit for purpose they are used for. This treated water can be used for irrigational purposes, industrial purposes for cooling hot chambers and drinking purposes.

Our demineralization water treatment plant is cost effective solutions to achieve the water treatment goals for industries of any size whether it is small, medium or large scale industries. By installing our demineralization water treatment plant you can contribute to environment and make them eco friendly.

Specification of Demineralisation Plant


Reverse Osmosis

Membrane Housing

Depends upon no. of membranes

No. of Membrane

As per exact capacity


Activated carbon filter, multigrade filter, cartridge filter, ultra filtration, ozonatore

Post-filtration (Optional)

UV sterilizer

Other Accessories

Raw water pump, high pressure pump, dosing pump, rota meter, pressure gauze, control panel, skid, volt meter, amp. meter etc



Input TDS

10000 ppm & Above


Easy to transport/can be containerized

How does Demineralization Water Treatment Plant Works?

Demineralization Water Treatment Plant Working Cycle:


Water softening chemicals like alum and ferric chloride is used to clump the tiny suspended particles and contaminates together making them easier to separate.


Demineralization water treatment plant has integrated system for conducting sedimentation process so that Insoluble sand particles in the water can settle down and water is poured out using decantation process without disturbing the settled particles.


The clarified water from above process is made to pass through various filters to separate the extremely small and tiny suspended particles from selectively permeable membranes and pores.


Microorganisms like harmful bacteria, viruses and disease causing germs are killed by treating water with disinfectants like chlorine or ultraviolet lights.


Once the water is gone through all above procedures then the water is tested, and distributed through network of pipes that can be used for drinking, cooking, and irrigational purposes.

Advantages of our Demineralisation Plant

  • Advanced Technology
  • Customized Solutions
  • Modular Design
  • Energy-Efficient
  • Reliable Performance
  • Low Maintenance
  • Zero Breakdown

Harness the Full Potential of Demineralization of Water with Our Treatment Solutions

Supply waters consists of lots of minerals in the form of dissolved salts, metal particles like arsenic, copper, magnesium that can be harmful when used for drinking purposes for prolong period of time. To avoid these waters are treated with highly efficient demineralization water treatment plants that separates out impurities, contaminates, suspended particles, organic or inorganic metals that are harmful for our bodies and make them fit for drinking and cooking purposes.

  • Comprehensive Removal of Minerals and Contaminants
  • Tailored Solutions for Safe Drinking Water
  • Efficient Separation of Impurities
  • Enhanced Water Quality for Prolonged Use
  • Advanced Technology for Optimal Results
  • Commitment to Health and Sustainability

Applications of Demineralization Water Treatment Plant

Demineralization water treatment plants are efficient way to desalinate water and remove harmful soluble minerals salts. Due to this they can be utilized for many other purposes like:-

  • Drinking Water Purification
  • Industrial Processes
  • Boiler Feed Water
  • Cooling Tower Makeup Water
  • Steam Generation
  • Medical Equipment
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • HVAC Systems
  • Pharmaceutical Production
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Chemical Processing
  • Textile Industry
  • Aquariums and Zoos


To obtain highly purified water we need to remove the dissolved minerals, and salts that make the water unfit for using it for specific purposes. By deioinizing and desalination the water we can make it suitable for pharmaceutical, laboratory, and electronics manufacturing company.