Mix Bed Plant

High-Quality Mix Bed Plant Solutions

H2O Ion Exchange is the pioneer mix bed plant manufacturer in Ahmedabad that provides high quality water treatment solutions for unparalleled water purity for critical industrial or manufacturing processes. With our efficient mix bed plant we can remove ion impurities in waters making it fit for pharmaceutical companies or electronic companies that require pure un-ionized water.

We have dedicated team of expert industry specialists, and water treatment engineers who provide assistance and support during set up or installation of Mix Bed Plant at the site of deployment. They provide comprehensive maintenance and repair services for replacing the damaged parts at the time of need.

Since our Mix bed plant are designed and manufactured after proper risk analysis and industry standards in mind it complies with all the guidelines set by local or state government. Not only this are had we poised to provide excellent water treatment solutions for making the environment clean and sustainable for future generation.

Specification of Mix Bed Plant


Reverse Osmosis

Membrane Housing

Depends upon no. of membranes

No. of Membrane

As per exact capacity


Activated carbon filter, multigrade filter, cartridge filter, ultra filtration, ozonatore

Post-filtration (Optional)

UV sterilizer

Other Accessories

Raw water pump, high pressure pump, dosing pump, rota meter, pressure gauze, control panel, skid, volt meter, amp. meter etc



Input TDS

10000 ppm & Above


Easy to transport/can be containerized

How our Mix Bed Plant works?

Mix Bed Plant working cycle:

Water from natural source or sup[ply water enters into Raw water intake undergoes pretreatment where processes like sedimentation, decantation, and filtration is carried out for removing solid unsolvable impurities from water. This pretreated water enters into the ion exchange chambers where the cations and anions of the complex salts get displaced with sodium ions making the brine solutions. The brine solutions are then precipitated for collection of the clear and clean water. The treated water is then tested for measuring actual properties of treated water and compared with pure water measurements to identify whether the water is safe for industrial use or not.

- Raw Water Intake
- Pretreatment
- Ion Exchange
- Mix Bed Process
- Regeneration
- Monitoring and Control

Benefits of using Mix Bed Plant

Industries or manufacturing companies need efficient mix bed plant to ensure water purity making the supply water or natural water source fit for agricultural, industrial or pharmaceutical purposes. These mix bed plant has separate chambers for filtration, ion exchange and desalination of water which helps in obtaining unparalleled water purity by removing hardness in water.

  • Water Purity Assurance
  • Versatile Applications
  • Comprehensive Filtration
  • Enhanced Industrial Processes
  • Environmental Impact
  • Regulatory Compliance

Revolutionizing Pharma Companies with reliable Mix Bed Plant

Our mix bed plants ensure proper water treatment mechanism which makes it ideal for pharmaceutical companies that require pure water for making high quality medicines.

  • Exceptional Water Purity
  • Customized Solutions
  • Consistent Performance
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Process Optimization
  • Cost Efficiency

Applications of Mix Bed Plant

Since our mix bed plant is easy to install and maintained it finds plenty of applications in various industries:-

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Electronics Manufacturing
  • Power Generation
  • Food and Beverage Processing
  • Cosmetics Production
  • Chemical Industry
  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Textile Industry
  • Medical Device Manufacturing
  • Laboratory Applications
  • Biotechnology
  • HVAC Systems
  • Photovoltaic Industry


A Mix Bed Plant is special water treatment system that is designed for removing dissolved ions and impurities from water which helps in delivering high quality waters for industrial needs.