Packaged Drinking Water Plant Manufacturer

Packaged Drinking Water Plant Manufacturer

Leading Packaged Drinking Water Plant Manufacturing Company

Are you looking for a reliable and trusted Packaged Drinking Water Plant Manufacturer? If yes then your search destination ends with H2O Ion Exchange. We're known for making top-notch water plants that meet all the rules. At H2O Ion Exchange, we have a great team of water experts and industry folks. As a reputed Packaged Drinking Water Plant Manufacturer, we use cool machines and new methods to make sure every bottle of water is super clean and safe to drink.

H2O Ion Exchange - Packaged Drinking Water Plant Company is known for making efficient water purification systems. Our smart and efficient engineers and technicians work in collaboration with each other to put everything in place whether it is compliance for industry adherence guidelines from local and state governments or maintaining quality standards.

At our water plant, we really care about being eco-friendly. We try our best to use methods that don't harm the environment. We use less energy to make our water and use materials that can be used again. This helps make the Earth happier. So when you pick our water plant, you're not just getting great water, you're also helping the environment.

Specification of Packaged Drinking Water Plant


Reverse Osmosis

Membrane Housing

Depends upon no. of membranes

No. of Membrane

As per exact capacity


Activated carbon filter, multigrade filter, cartridge filter, ultra filtration, ozonatore

Post-filtration (Optional)

UV sterilizer

Other Accessories

Raw water pump, high pressure pump, dosing pump, rota meter, pressure gauze, control panel, skid, volt meter, amp. meter etc



Input TDS

10000 ppm & Above


Easy to transport/can be containerized

How does Packaged Drinking Water Plant work?

Packaged Drinking Water Plant Working Cycle:

Water Sourcing:

Water is collected from clean and safe source like perennial wells, or municipal water supplies.


The supply water goes through filters to remove the big or larger particles using decantation, sedimentation and filtrations.


Tiny particles, bacteria is treated with Ultra violet rays and is treated with process like reverse osmosis for selective permeable membrane for removing the dead bodies of micro organism and tiny particles of impurities.

Mineral Addition:

Harmful Dissolved Mineral salts are removed with water treatment and calcium and magnesium is added to water for making it healthier and tastier.


The clean water is put into sanitized bottles or containers that are sealed tightly to keep it fresh.

Quality Checks:

Throughout the whole process, samples of water are tested regularly to make sure it meets strict quality standards before it's ready to be sold.

Packaged Drinking Water Plant

Why Choose Our Packaged Drinking Water Plant?

As a top Packaged Drinking Water Plant Manufacturer, we uses modern machines that use cutting edge technologies and eco friendly materials for packaging purified waters. There every packaged bottle undergoes a testing phase where all the parameters are measured to ensure purity of the water is in accordance with the industry standards. With our experienced industry specialists, proven track records and consistent excellence in packaged drinking water.

  • Advanced Technology
  • Safety Assurance
  • Consistent Quality
  • Efficient Production
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Fully automatic system
  • Low maintenance

Why being our Valuable Client is a Smart Decision?

When we manufacturer and install packaged drinking water plant we ensure that pure and safe water is delivered in eco friendly sealed package container.

  • Advanced filtration technology including reverse osmosis and UV disinfection
  • Scalable Packaged Drinking Water plants to meet production volume
  • Energy-efficient
  • Client Satisfaction as our Top Priority
Packaged Mineral Water Plant Manufacturer

Industries We Serve

H2O Ion Exchange – Your trusted source of packaged drinking water plant manufacturer in Ahmedabad. We accept the worth of supplying safe and purified drinking water to consumers. So, our Drinking Water Plants are designed to meet and satisfy the quality standards set by regulatory authorities.

  • Bottled Water Units – Small, Mid or large scale packaged bottled water production units.
  • Corporate – Safe and purified water sources for a huge number of employees and delegates.
  • Hospitality – Hotels, Restaurants or event venues that require a trustable source of safe drinking water.


A packaged drinking water plant is a facility that is capable of purifying water and packages them in sealed container or bottle which is fit for drinking and cooking purposes. The quality of water is tested in lab and it meets all industry standards.