Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers

Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Ahmedabad

Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Ahmedabad

H2O Ion Exchange is the leading Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Ahmedabad that offers innovative and reliable sewage treatment solutions to optimize the treatment procedure of the sewage and drain water to minimize the environment impact and spreading of communicable disease. Sewage from communities, municipalities and industries emit foul smell and have bad odor. That is why they need to be cleaned and sanitized for ensuring health security.

At H2O Ion Exchange, we use modern machinery and tools that are designed for effective sewage treatment in accordance with the industry standards. We have dedicated team of expert sewage treatment engineers and industry experts who assist in setting up of the STP (sewage treatment plant) machine for sewage water treatment. These machines are easy to install and their maintenance cost is nominal.

Our Sewage treatment plant manufacturing company aims to provide customized sewage treatment solutions as per unique requirements. As a trusted Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Ahmedabad we assist our clients from set up installation to regular maintenance and support services.

Specification of Sewage Treatment Plants


10,000-500,000+ GPD

Treatment Processes

Multiple, incl. biological oxidation

Influent Characteristics

Domestic, industrial wastewater

Modular Design

Scalable, easy expansion

Odor Control

Covered units, chemical dosing

Automation and Control

Real-time monitoring

Disinfection System

UV, chlorination, ozonation

Remote Monitoring

SCADA, cloud-based platforms

Compliance Assurance

Regulatory standards

How Sewage Treatment Plant (STP Plant) works?

STP Plant Working cycle:

Preliminary Treatment

The waste water of sewage (from municipality or industry) consists of large debris, sand and gravel stones which is removed by sedimentation, decantation and filtration using grit chambers.

Primary Treatment

Insoluble floating materials and oily fluids are separated out in the primary treatment chambers.

Secondary Treatment

Bio friendly organism is added to the eat up the organic matter and catalyze the bio chemical process in the sewage for production of bio gas and bio fuels.

Tertiary Treatment (Optional)

Anaerobic and aerobic bacteria break down the organic matters to produce hydrocarbon gas that can be collected for refining and production of bio diesel or bio fuel.

Sludge Treatment and Disposal

At this stage we reduce volume and stabilize organic content from sewage waters, addition of minerals for enhancing taste of pure water.

Effluent Discharge or Reuse

Final treated effluent is tested on all industry parameters for sewage water plant, discharged water is can be used for non potable purposes like industrial use or irrigation purposes.

Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers

Benefits of Our Sewage Treatment Plant

By installing Sewage Treatment Plant we can ensure that drainage system is properly maintained and sewer tank water is reused after proper water treatment system. Our sewer treatment plant is efficient in removing large debris, small particle suspension, and foul smell due to dead decay organic matters.

  • Proper Drainage Maintenance
  • Water Reuse
  • Efficient Removal of Contaminants
  • Environmental Protection
  • Public Health Improvement
  • Compliance with Regulations

Why choose our Sewage Treatment Plant?

Choosing the right Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Ahmedabad is essential and crucial for sewage discharge treatment and water recycling process. Our sewage treatment plant uses advanced treatment technology that are scientifically tested and proven in laboratory for reliable sewage water treatment. It removes all types of small or large suspended particles, organic matters and helps in recycling the sewage water for other purposes like irrigation and industrial use.

  • Advanced Treatment Technology
  • Comprehensive Removal of Contaminants
  • Proven Reliability
  • Water Recycling Capabilities
  • Customized Solutions
  • Expert Support
STP Manufacturers in Ahmedabad

Applications of Sewage Treatment Plant

To ensure that water is conserved we need to treat the sewage water from community, municipality and industry water discharge using sewage water treatment plant. These plants use different techniques for separating the impurities, contaminates, pollutants, organic matters that make the water brine and unfit for drinking or any other purposes. Some of the applications of sewage treatment plants are given bellow:-

  • Municipal Water Treatment
  • Industrial Water Recycling
  • Agricultural Irrigation
  • Groundwater Recharge
  • Cooling Water Systems
  • Construction Activities
  • Fire Protection Systems
  • Toilet Flushing
  • Industrial Boiler Feed water
  • Wetland Restoration
  • Aquifer Replenishment


Water from the residential households, bathrooms, and toilet goes in the sewage chamber and is collected in the sewage tanks. This tank sewage water undergoes several treatment procedures using sewage water treatment plant to make it fit for irrigation or any other industrial purposes.