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Top Premier Water Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

H20 Ion Exchange India is most popular water treatment plant manufacturers in ahmedabad, Gujarat that provides innovative water treatment solutions for recycling industrial waste water, municipal sewage water and converting it to fresh and purified water that is safe for drinking purposes, fit for agricultural irrigation, and meet industrial water needs. We are top premier water treatment plant manufacturers in Gujarat where you can get high performance, efficient water treatment plants that can eliminate the disease causing germs from contaminated water making it safe for drinking, cooking, residential or industrial use.

As a reliable and trusted water treatment plant manufacturers, we build high performance water treatment machine that can filter insoluble impurities as well as soluble impurity with chemical treatment and disinfectants. Our water treatment machines are ISO certified and comes in variety of options as per unique water treatment requirements.

At H20 Ion Exchange India we aim to provide customized water treatment solutions for meeting unique water purification demands. We have dedicated team of expert water treatment professionals, and professional engineers who help in set up and installation of water treatment plant in Ahmedabad. Since we use modern machinery that uses cutting edge technologies consuming less power, has high efficiency for water treatment solutions.

Our Water Treatment Plants Ahmedabad

We provide comprehensive water treatment plants for different purposes like eco friendly STP, ETP and water softening solutions that can help us in water purification, water filtrations, and water recycling from industrial discharge or sewage waste.

sewage water treatment plant

Sewage Treatment Plant

Cleaning the impurities and disease causing germs from sewage discharge of municipality making it fit for residential use.

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effluent water treatment plant

ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant)

Using effluent water treatment plant we can purify water with different process that involves physical, chemical, biological treatment methods for removal of toxic substances and making it fit for specific water needs.

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Water softening treatment plant

Water Softening Plants

Conversion of hard water to soft water is done efficiently with our efficient water softening plants. This involves exchange of ions of complex salts and that causes hardness in water making it unfit for washing with detergents.

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Benefits Of Using Our Manufactured Water Treatment Plant

H2O Ion Exchange India provides innovative water treatment solutions for recycling industrial waste water discharge, removing harmful impurities and disease causing germs from municipal sewage to make it fit for drinking, bathing or cooking.

  • Innovative Water treatment Solutions
  • Disease Prevention
  • Removal of Harmful Impurities
  • Customized Approach for water purification
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Commitment to Quality
water treatment plant manufacturers gujarat


There are three types of water treatment plants that we manufacture namely ETP (effluent treatment plant) water softening plant, and Sewage treatment plant( STP).